Cosmetic Sclerotherapy

Also known as Telangiectasias, Cosmetic Sclerotherapy is an effective outpatient procedure which quickly removes spider veins & small varicose veins without any pain. This day care procedure is performed using a soapy foam material known as tetradecyl sulfate for closing off diseased veins. Injection of this substance into smaller veins is performed using a small needle.
This soapy material irritates the inside of veins so as to cramp & make the vessel collapse. Eventually the blood flow stops & the vein seals shut. Subsequently, this vein gets scarred & permanently shut by the body. After this tiny damaged surface vessel is not visible & the larger & deeper veins will effectively pump blood back to the heart.
There are many types of sclerotherapy. Ultrasound sclerotherapy is utilized for treatment of larger & deeper blood vessels which cannot be seen with the naked eye or vein light. Visual sclerotherapy is typically utilized for smaller blood vessels which are closer to the surface of skin. Microscope assisted sclerotherapy is another technique which is used for treating tiny blood vessels close to skin surface.

Patients are encouraged to wear prescription support stockings following sclerotherapy. These are meant to make the treatment more effective. In some cases repeat sclerotherapy may be necessary and additional treatments recommended in case new abnormal veins appear. While physical activity is encouraged following treatment, there are very few restrictions imposed on patients. Scarring, pain, staining & bruising may occur following sclerotherapy, but most of these unsightly changes gradually disappear and are rare.
Easy Recovery Following Cosmetic Sclerotherapy
Patients are instructed to wear compression stockings following sclerotherapy. Shortly after treatments patients are expected to experience symptomatic relief including cessation of itching & burning and reduced leg heaving. Veins that have undergone treatment will gradually be reabsorbed by the body & eventually disappear. Sclerotherapy effectively treats spider veins & varicose veins and prevents recurrence as well.